D7 LeadFinder Vs. Lead Carrot

Which Has More “Bang” For The Buck?

One of the most common questions we get asked in our support tab is “what is the difference between Lead Carrot and D7 Leader Finder?”

No doubt, they have been in the data game longer than many, and grew via “word of mouth” for years as agency influencers (including myself) pushed their students to the platform. 

They started off with a free model which helped their word of mouth spread through the interwebs. A quick back link search will show you that they grew a great “black hat” following. And the fact that their name keeps coming up in our support tab tells us two things.

1) They should be respected. Because if they sucked and provided a crappy service we wouldn’t be talking about them now. 

2) There are holes in their model that have their current users looking for alternative options.

Lead Carrot on the other hand, never offered a free model. It was a beautiful 2018 day when one of my students messaged me and said “Hey D7 Lead Finder website is down, it says they need money and can’t relaunch until they get at least $500… Where should I go for data?” 

And that is when we put a “pause” on the CRM model and launched our Lead Finder. 

At the time we honestly sucked. If 1-5 people were scraping it was great! But when you had 50-100 people all doing searches at the same time we just were awful! Things would break and we wanted pull our hair out. 

But then we got the hang of it, we made huge updates. And now we have what I consider to be the best online Lead Finder on the market. 

But what are the difference? Let’s discuss. 

For the sake of this battle today. We will compare D7 Lead Finders $45/mo plan, to our $47/mo plan. 

And as any gentlemen would, I will let them go first. 

Dissecting The Plan

Let’s start with it’s limits, for $44.99 month you get:

30 List Searches/Day.

Now, i’m not saying 210 searches a week for $44.99 is an awful deal, but as an agency owner I can tell you this. When my operations manager sit’s down to build out my sales peoples territories and push them into their pipelines, they want to get it all done in a single shot. 

And on the $99/mo plan when you use this option it can be hours before you actually get your data back. With Lead Carrot you could pull the same bulk searches manually and have it back in half the time. 

(Keep in mind we are adding bulk searching soon.) 

The next to line items are merely filler items to make it feel like you are getting more. But in reality, they are pointless to mention because “Lead Contact Data” is what you were wanting in the first place.

If a sales person comes back for more data, we do not want to say “sorry we used up today’s searches but we can get you one tomorrow. 

Some might say the solution is to upgrade to the next plan! But the problem is that they may not really need more than 210 searches per week. But the timing does matter! 

Some will say “yeah but they allow “BULK SCRAPING” ok… I get that. But not on the $45/mo plan.

Next we see that Facebook re-marketing Pixel, Extended Data, Review Scores. Here is what we find sad… The way a scraper works is simple. It goes to a webpage and crawls it for information and then spits it out for you. Regardless of if you are on the $45 plan or the $99 plan they still grab the same information. However, they hold back certain information from you because of the plan level you are on. 

We never do that. We give everyone the same information, because our cost does not go up when we hand you this information. The only way our cost goes up is if you search in volume. That is the only reason we will ever encourage you to upgrade, if you need more volume.

So in summary. When you choose D7 over Lead Carrot you pay $45 for less information in a more limited format. Now let’s move on to Lead Carrot. 

In our $47 plan, we do not break down one feature into 7 line items because we actually have 7 line items. 

I’m going to start with the “UNLIMITED SEARCH” feature first. 

Then we can move into the other features of Lead Carrot. 

In our searching (regardless of the plan) we pull back the following data. 

Company Name, Email, URl, SSL, Mobile Friendly, Google Page, Google Map, Yelp, Yelp Video, FB Page, FB Pixel, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YT, & Address. 


It does not matter what plan you are on if the information above is available you can search it. 

Right now, we are working on an update that will allow bulk searching. We will support 315 searches per week at the $47 plan but we will not limit your daily searches. This means you could use them all up in a single day. 

Even still, our search pulls back instant results rather than putting it into a que that will get you your leads when its ready. 

You can also export the leads into multiple formats including custom audiences for ads.

Before we move on to the other features of Lead Carrot. I want to point out that I am a geek about design. I do not claim to be the designer of this software, as Andre is the genius behind that. 

But I like to think that as a non techy dude, i’ve played a decent role behind saying “what if instead we put this here… It feels more natural. 

If you do a side by side. You can be the judget as to which one feels more user friendly… AKA the sexier platform. 

I know it’s a small difference. But if you look at them side by side, which lifes your energy and get’s you excited about prospecting? 

Lead Carrot also directly integrates with CRM’s such as GoHighLevel, etc.

We feel D7 is a worthy competitor, but we still feel we have a superior product on many different levels.

You can test our platform out for Free simply by visiting https://leadcarrot.io

-Lead Carrot

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