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Lead Carrot Plugin For GoHighLevel

This week we dropped a massive announcement to fellow agency owners. We found that hundreds if not thousands of our users were primarily utilizing our software strictly for scraping. 

In fact, the majority of our users we currently utilizing GoHighLevel CRM for managing their day to day business. 

With that said, we decided to make life a bit easier for them and build a direct integration. 

This article will explain:

1) What is Lead Carrot and how does an agency owner use it to get clients?

2) How to easily integrate it with your GoHighLevel CRM.

In short Lead Carrot is a list builder. Co-Founder Ross Christifulli built his agency on the back bone of cold outreach. Whether you are cold emailing, sending voicemail drops, utilizing cold callers, etc… Data quickly becomes the bottle neck of your agency. 

“I formerly used D7 Lead Finder, Lead Scrape, Etc… But I needed something that was just faster. Whether it’s a team member or myself, when we sit down to scrape for the week… We just want to get it done” -Ross

And that is exactly what Lead Carrot does. It allows you to quickly search local businesses online and push them to your CRM. 

Lead Carrot does best with local businesses and brick n’ mortar services. 

Ecommerce & Coaching businesses are not our strong suit. But most businesses we can pull. Feel free to ask us about your niche in the chat bubble to the right.

How does it integrate with GoHighLevel CRM?

Setting up your account is easy…

There are a few things you will need to get your GoHighLevel account integrated with Lead Carrot. One of the obvious is you need a Lead Carrot account. If you do not yet have one you can get one by clicking here. If you do not already have a GoHighLevel account Lead Carrot will provide one account free when you sign up for the scraper. 

However, if you are on a higher tiered GoHighLevel account and want to utilize our scraper follow the following steps: 

Step 1

Login into Lead Carrot and click on the menu tab for the lead scraper titled “Lead Carrot”. Then click the 3 dots to the right you will then choose “Integrations” and then click on the “GoHighLevelCRM” button as seen in the second photo.

Step 2

Click the circled icon and it will open a new window in the “Agency Settings” for your API keys. Here you can create an API key for Lead Carrot. Copy that key and come back and paste it into your integration box. Before you click “add” copy the custom menu link in the picture.

Step 3

Go back to the setting page in GoHighLevel Agency View and Click “Custom Menu Link.” Here you will add the URL that you copied. Make sure you have selected “Open in iFrame inside platform.” Please note, that the first time you login you will have to manually login. Also, sub users will need their own accounts to be able to scrape data. This is a great reason to sign up as an affiliate to increase your monthly revenue. 

Start Scraping Today…

We know you will love this new integration with GoHighLevel. If you have any questions please ask us in the chat to the bottom right. 

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