Could You Be Cashing In On The Data Business?

In 2020 data is everything! Business's today make massive decisions based on data, they run their prospecting on data, and data can quickly become the bottleneck of a company. I remember meetings a guy about 2 years ago. To be honest i'm not even certain he was a guy because his Facebook profile was clearly not real and he went by the name FRED. Fred was in the data business and I became a customer. This was around the time that Facebook had not patched the ability to scrape groups and Fred was scraping like a banshee (on a side not my mother always used that term but

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Are You Using Pain In Your Marketing? …. (Please Note… Only Use This For The Greater Good.)


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How I Begin To Write A Webinar…

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Are You One Course Away From Being Replaced?

Warning: Reading this article may agitate you and make you feel like a pathetic commodity.  "If you have ever taken a Facebook Ads course then you may have learned to write ads like this... "Hey guy's i'm doing something crazy to promote my office" - Austin Whitaker's opening lines at Lead Carrots Milwaukee Mastermind While the audience laughed, I couldn't help but to agree that his statement was shockingly true. The majority of agency owners are not creative, inventors, testers... They are simply COPY and PASTE. In fact I spoke to a Chiropractor who said "If yo

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Where Lead Generation Companies Need To Start Heading If They Are Not Already…

The last 5 years we have seen massive growth in the digital lead generation world. We have seen the rise of funnels, Facebook/Google Ads, Lead Forms, Bots, just to name a few. But all of this lead generation has exposed a serious flaw in a companies sales process that needs to be address. Not just the follow up, but the follow through. "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -Thomas Edison We have learned that a lead is not a lead, a text is not a text, a call is not a call. As an agency owner

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How To Get Ideas To Write Good Scripts


Is Marketing Changing? Did Facebook Ads Stop Working?

In a world of data scandals and third-party bans, there is no shortage of "marketing doomsday" articles to choose from. One of the best tactics to gain attention is FEAR! Even if that means writing an article against people who use fear or pain in their marketing. In this short article, I will skim the surface as to what is really happening in the world of marketing. As the owner of a massive agency we have a greater perspective than the kids managing 500k or less of ad spend per month. AKA misinformed bloggers. I will do a deeper dive later on when my time allows.


When you feel like you’ve hit a wall…

Over the last year and a half I have come to realize/accept that I am usually someones last resort. But why? Why wait until you are literally 1 week away from filling out applications? Because its human nature. If I give you until Friday to build a presentation, you will have it done on Friday. It's a little word we call "Procrastination." Cold calling, emailing, voicemail drops... They just never sound as fun as sitting around while clients pour in through you funnel paying you millions. But the fact is... Those methods are only working for those who are putting in ful