Why Businesses Are Turning To Lead Scrapers

If you want your sales to grow, then you need a lead scraper. A lead scraper is an online tool that will scrape sales leads for you and provide them in a spreadsheet format. These sales leads are usually found on websites where the contact information is publicly available or they have been scraped from third party sources like social media networks. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why it’s important to invest in a lead scraper and how it can help increase sales for your business!

In the past, acquiring information and data on companies was a long and painstaking task. But now with a software like Lead Carrot you can quickly build massive lists of your ideal customer!

In 2021 data can get expensive, but more importantly aggregated data can be costly. So then how does Data scraping work? Is it legal? And is the data accurate? That is what we will discuss.

So how do online data scrapers find leads? To start they use multiple directory’s like the ones from Google, Bizsugar, YellowPages.com, Yelp, LinkedIn, and more to find sales leads that are publicly available or they have been scraped from third party sources like social media networks.

But isn’t that illegal? Nope. In fact if you look at the lawsuit LinkedIn filed against sales lead company hiQ, they lost. So sales lead scraping is legal in the United States and it has been for a long time.

The reason scraping has such a “negative” reputation is simply because sales lead companies that scrape data tend to be low-quality sales leads, not worth the money. But there’s a lot of sales lead companies out there like Lead Carrot who are changing the game by providing high quality sales leads at an affordable price.

Usually data scrapers start off with public data, once they have pulled that public data they can enrich that data with third party data.

Scraping leads is a tough job, and it’s hard to find virtual assistants who can do the job.

We are automating this process so that you don’t have to hire an assistant. Our software will do all of the work for you, saving you time and money.

Lead Carrot automatically scrapes your competitor’s lead pages in just minutes per day! With our software tool we scrape thousands of targeted leads every month, which saves us hundreds of hours each year compared to manual scraping methods. Now we spend more time closing deals than doing tedious data entry tasks!

You can then export your leads into your CRM automatically through an API or through a CSV.

Even though there are other Lead Scrapers out there like D7 Lead Finder, Lead Scrape, & others. Lead Carrot is superior because we use a flexible software platform that is easy to integrate with your CRM.

If you have been looking for a fast way to get emails, phone numbers, and social data , then Lead Carrot is the answer.

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