Where Lead Generation Companies Need To Start Heading If They Are Not Already…

The last 5 years we have seen massive growth in the digital lead generation world. We have seen the rise of funnels, Facebook/Google Ads, Lead Forms, Bots, just to name a few. But all of this lead generation has exposed a serious flaw in a companies sales process that needs to be address. Not just the follow up, but the follow through.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” -Thomas Edison

We have learned that a lead is not a lead, a text is not a text, a call is not a call.

As an agency owner nothing is more frustrating than hearing someone say “I can’t get ahold of these leads and when I do they are not interested.”

As an agency owner we do the mental mapping of how the prospect became a lead in the first place: 1. They saw an ad that spoke to the issues they were facing and offered a solution based offer 2. They filled out a survey or a form and requested to be contacted 3. They end up in your clients inbox and all of a sudden are not interested? Something just does not add up.

The last 3 months in my agency we have been extremely focused on this issue and how to best solve it. We have a company saying that goes like this… “find a solution that does not involve blaming the customer.”

Let’s face it, we can not change people and usually the sales people following up on the leads are not as driven to close them as the business owner is. In the event the business owner is following up, many times it comes down to a lack of knowledge and skills.

Here is what we found over the last 3 months: 

  • Most business owners are only following up on the leads 1 time.
  • Although everyone talks a big follow up game implementing is another thing.
  • Most conversations that are being had are not being developed in a way that leads to sales.
  • Even sales managers of companies that we work with are lacking basic skills needed to close.

The biggest conclusion that we have had is that if we want to retain and make massive impact we can no longer be a “Lead Generation Company.” We need to be sales or growth consultants that provide lead generation. On the surface it may seem like semantics. But it’s not…

We have noticed that business owners who are sold up front on training and lead generation tend to leave their egos at the door and actually listen to our advice. Where on the hand business owners who were sold lead generation and struggled to close were very defensive to the idea of getting help. Why is this? We believe that the idea of failure and the massive ego that goes along with most business owners crushes the success that could have been.

Many business owners look for reasons “why” something didn’t work. But often times they never accept the blame for themselves.

So the question then comes up. How can we provide a solution that fixes this problem without throwing the weight on the customer?

The answer? We need to structure the initial follow up.

I want to share an example from a conversation I observed from a texting platform I have one of my clients on. The platform allows me to see the conversations they are having and analyze what could be tweaked.

Here is a replica of the conversation had. To give you a background, the prospect was inquiring on purchasing a Skid Steer. This was a web generated lead.

My Client: Hey, how are you? This is —– From —– I just received your information and was told you were looking for a skid steer?

Prospect: Yes, I am. What do you guys have available?

My Client: We have many options are you looking for tracked or wheeled?

Prospect: I am looking for something with tracks.

My Client: Awesome you can look at all of our tracked machines at ourwebsitethatyouvealreadyseen.com

(Conversation Has Officially Died.)

We saw a direct pattern. Every time the prospect would send them to their website, the lead would die and the conversation would fizzle.

Why is this the case? Because they came from your website! Even if it was a funnel they just contacted them online to get in touch with them, and now they are sending them back to the website. This confuses the client, does not provide direction and kills the sale.

This would be like walking into a car dealership and they a sales person coming up and handing you a brochure.

We have realized that most sales people are either trying to rush the sale or take the lazy way out.To them a lead means “I do not have to do anything but call them and they will buy.”

So here is what we have done to combat this problem without throwing it on our customers.


Provide structure and make sure they are on a CRM.

We also setup all their follow ups for them. We do not leave anything to chance! In fact we are even setting up an inbound call team that follows up on leads for our clients and get’s them to the point of nurture. Yes, this will be an additional cost but it will also provide a complete solution.

As a lead generation agency if you are not closing the loop on your clients sales process then you are leaving it open.

Lead Carrot will provide an amazing solution to this.

Giving you the ability to give your clients a “Login Access” where they will only see their pipeline. They can manage their leads. You can setup the automated follow ups using our triggers and automation.

This will be a game changer for so many agencies. Retention rates will rise with the profits of your clients.

Lead Carrot is set to launch on Feb 20th. We have a few open spots left for our “lifetime” membership. 

Regardless of what you use to close the loop… CLOSE IT. We need to be taking that extra step now to help our clients turn leads to appointments. And for those of you who do… you will have an extreme advantage and edge over your competitors.

Anyone can offer leads, not everyone can offer sales.

Ross Christifulli

(Co-Founder Of LeadCarrot.)




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