What Happens When A Company Loses It’s Focus (PipeDrive Vs. Lead Carrot)

Today we shine the spot light on a worthy contender (and my former CRM) PipeDrive. 

There is not question that this little VC backed CRM from Gastonia has made waves with it’s simplistic pipeline view. 

You could even say they popularized the drag n’ drop deal design. I can admit, that Lead Carrot Pipeline was heavily influenced by their design! 

I was running my agency and had multiple tools and I was duck taping them all together! 

But recently I can say I am disappointed with the direction of Pipedrive and ill explain why I feel they have lost their focus, and why Lead Carrot is already looking like the better option. 

It All Started With Simplicity

When I first found PipeDrive 4 years ago I had typed in the words “Simple CRM” and sure enough PipeDrive popped up. 

They had only a few features and it was just what I needed. 

I didn’t want to use software’s like Sales Force because I felt they were bloated with features that I would never use!

In fact I once heard the CEO of Pipedrive say something that stuck with me in my Lead Carrot marketing. He said “We are not competing with SalesForce, we are competing with Google Sheets and Excel. 

But… I would say they have lost that direction. Why? Well, it takes them several page lengths to display their features. Look at the image to the left.

If a software company want’s success, they have to niche down!

And in the case of Pipedrive is was sales teams that wanted a simpler solution. 

Something that would actually help them to close more deals. 

The main features we wanted on Pipedrive were: 

Pipeline Manager, Deals Details…. And that’s it! 

We did want 2-Way SMS, and a Lead Finder… But they didn’t have that. 

As I have talked with over 50 former PipeDrive users they all had the same story. Yeah we liked the simplicity they offered. Seems like now they have gotten glitchy.) 

One peek in their user group and you will see a lot of comments like this. 

We also found that their price seems low at first, but it quickly gets pricey! Their plan that would be comparable to Lead Carrot runs $59 per user! 

We also found that while most users agreed that the pipeline manager was easy to use, anytime they went into the settings or tried to setup automation’s they were quickly overwhelmed with incompetence.

This has opened up a new place in the market for Lead Carrot. 

Now that PipeDrive is on the path to become another bloated CRM. We can take their place as a “simple CRM.” The main difference? 

The features we have added are tools that are easy to setup and use!

Let’s take a look at what’s under the simple hood of Lead Carrot!

The New Sheriff In Town

We step up as the new sheriff in town to say “listen we like simple, but we also need robust.” 

Lead Carrot is the perfect blend between simple and robust without getting “techy.”

I remember trying to setup some automation’s in Pipedrive and was quickly overwhelmed with setting up all these rules and triggers etc. 

We actually built our automation’s right into the Pipeline! For example.

See those little gear wheels at the top of each pipeline? Let’s take a look at what happens when you click them.


You are instantly greeted with a super simple automation’s page! 

So what’s the trigger? The deal hitting that stage in the pipeline. 

For instance, in this example the moment a deal hit’s this pipeline it immediately sends them an SMS message through our Twilio integration. 

We also have a secondary automation set at a 30 minute delay. 

This is so easy to use that literally your grandma could setup your automations!

But what happens when they respond? Let’s check it out.

Integrated 2-Way SMS

When a lead replied you will be notified in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You can then visit the chats page and find a “Facebook Messenger” style chat.

This will simplify your integrations process so much! 

Recently I saw a Pipedrive user who bandaged on a 2 way sms integration using the “notes” section of Pipedrive. 

User’s are screaming for a better solution, but I guess Estonia is just a bit to far away for anyone to hear anything.

Now let’s  dive into Lead Carrot’s list build.

A Real Simple Tool For Sales People…

As the founder and CEO of Lead Carrot, I believe that sales should be simple… LEADS > NURTURE> OFFER. What am I missing? 

So Lead Carrot has taken the CRM to the next level with a real list builder better known as the “Lead Finder.” Watch the video below to see how it works.

Lead Carrot can super charge your pipeline by filling it targeted Leads. 

We feel that your CRM is like the backpack you bring with you to climb Everst. 

Every feature you add can either weight you down, or save your butt. And with this mindset we find the perfect balance between necessity and simplicity. 

If you are looking for a $59/per user solution that really doesn’t provide you will SMS or data capabilities. Then you should pry stick with Pipedrive.

 But if you are looking for a real solid yet simple solution that provides you with the tools needed to execute as a sales person and as a sales team, without being weighted down with the learning curve of excessive rules and triggers etc… Than look no further than Lead Carrot.

-Ross Christifulli

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