The Untold Story Of Lead Carrot

The Untold Story Of Lead Carrot

Written By Ross Christifulli with PERFECT Grammar 

In the same way that it wouldn’t be wise for a teen to be buying gas before he or she owns a car, purchasing data without a vehicle of outreach is pointless!

When we first set out to build Lead Carrot it was actually only intended to be a CRM with automatons. At the time I was using a tool called D7 Leadfinder to pull data and I was teaching my students to do the same.

We had just began the wire frame for Lead Carrot CRM and we were building the road map. Andre Fortin (Co-Founder and CTO of Lead Carrot) said “Hey Ross, you know I built this really cool little web scraper script I think we should use it.” At the time I was worried we would lose focus and so we put it on the shelf.

I remember the day my views changed, I was in Florida on vacation driving to a Starbucks and one of my students messaged me “D7 Leadfinder is down, what should we do for data?”

I visited the site myself and sure enough… The website was down and the owner was asking for $500 before he would put it back up. I immediately called Andre and said “do you still have that scraper code?” and I could just hear the excitement in his tone.

I would love to say that is where everything became a shining success, but it’s not. We built a beautiful interface and the scraper was working. We launched it, and quickly had way to many people pulling data and everything just crashed. Building a cloud based data scraper was going to be a year long project to get right.

I then spent thousands and thousands on data that we intended to upload as “pre-seeded data.” It gave us information like company employee count, annual revenue, Etc… I was so pumped. Until I figures out I had over 60 million records of categorized data. The categories were broad and general that someone would type “Realtor” and it would pull up “Insurance.”

So Andre and I went back to the drawing board. We felt that ever since the beginning we have just been “reacting” to problems. So we discussed what we’ve learned, and what we would do differently. And then we did it.

Currently our data puller though not perfect over seas or in every possible niche, is hands down more stable then anything we have ever had and is by far the best scraper online for a fraction of the price.

We pull more data, but also in a format that provides the highest accuracy of data. When we initially started out data puller we would pull from Yelps API and then visit the prospects website, and then visit their social profiles to pull data.

Now we pull directly from Google > Websites > Social Data (Including Facebook Pixel Install), and we will soon build out a company hierarchy tree.

Every time you make a search on Lead Carrot we save that data in our database and scan it for accuracy and changes every 30 days. This means the second time that data is searched it will pull much faster.

The point? Lead Carrot is growing stronger and faster everyday. We still have a very long road ahead of us but with our Beta CRM in play we will be a contender in the CRM space undoubtedly.

As we speak Andre is pushing a new update for our 2 Way SMS Campaigns. But here is a quick look at what’s to come over the next few months.

  • 2 Way Email
  • Cold Email Automation (Auto pulls leads from LC)
  • AutoDialer
  • Call Tracking
  • Phone App
  • Detailed Reports Per Sales Person

We hope that you are as excited as we are to take the journey and watch us grow this company to 100 Million. The future is bright and we’re feeling just right.


Ross Christifulli (Co-Founder & CEO of Lead Carrot)



Ps. You can also now try Lead Carrot before buying it for FREE here

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