The Faster Way To Dream 100 (TFD100)

The buzz word “Dream 100” has been thrown around pretty heavily over the last few years, especially for followers of Russell Brunson.

And rightfully so, the Dream 100 method has been the backbone of success for companies such as Clickfunnels. 

It was originally coined by Chet Holmes “The Ultimate Sales Machines.”

Early in 2019, I decided to see if there was more to the Dream 100 than just being intentional about relationships. 

 In fact, I invested 9K into a program that was suppose to teach me insider secrets on Dream 100… (To clarify it was not a Russell Brunson course.)  In reality, it was a winded way of saying “be intentional about your relationships.” 

The idea of the Dream 100 is that you build relationships with people who serve the same audience as you, but with a different product or service. You than do a joint venture with them and they promote you to their list.

As I look back though, I realized that there is a much quicker way to get results in the Dream 100. And that’s what I hope to discuss here. 

I call it “The Future Dream 100.”

The Flaw In The Current Dream 100

The flaw in the current Dream 100, is that it feel’s a little silly writing down names like: Tony Robbins, Marcus Lemonis, Etc… Now, don’t get me wrong you should have a few big names on your list. But if every name is a “big one” you could end up like a kid waiting for his favorite athlete to write him back. Also, it takes years and years for these pursuits to eventually pay off. Does that mean you should abandon them? No. But it does mean that you need to have another tool that is likely to be more effective in your arsenal today. And that tool is called “The Future Dream 100 (TFD100.)”

What Is TFD100?

TFD100 is a list of people who are playing at the same level as you now or possibly fragments ahead of you. These are people who you feel confident will eventually find success and they are actively growing their own list. 

These people will be happy to talk with you because they do not view themselves as “way high up on social status ladder.” And if you build these connections now, they can pay off big time in the future. 

For instance, there is another Agency coach playing at roughly the same level as I am. And about a year ago we were both in the same category of coaching/training success.

Although we both serve our audience in the same fashion, we have very different styles and it has allowed us to both do a few things together without things feeling “weird.” 

We invested in a relationship together a year ago, and now we both have built our own lists to a decent size. 

This past week I said “Hey lets do an interview swap, we can push your webinar and ill push Lead Carrot.” He was ready to roll! 

The Future Dream 100 is much faster because it is much more attainable. It’s actually more about growing your sphere with people who are actively growing their list and their business. So what are some qualifiers I look for when growing my TFD100 list? 

My Qualifiers

1: They need to be running ads. 

Now, there are variables here for sure and there are cases where I will ignore this. But to me, if someone is willing to spend money on their list than I know they are serious about growth. I personally spend a lot of ad spend growing my list and I am careful about who I share that with. If they are not willing to pull out their card and do the same, then I have much less belief that there will ever be a big pay off in there future. You can argue this for sure, but this is my article with my personal qualifiers. You can create your own based on your beliefs. I just know that ads will get them there that much faster. And if i’m running ads and they are not, I will likely be out of their league in a few years. That may sound pretentious but qualifier #2 will clear that up.

2: We have to bring equal value to the table. The game of business is a lot like a race. When choosing a running partner, you can not be choosing people slower than you. And I view TFD100 the same. The people I choose have to have a list, after all that is the whole point of the Dream 100. The number one reason I turn people away in messenger daily, in fact now I do not even reply is that they seem to be very one sided. They want all the benefit and never have anything but selfish motives. When I JV with someone, I always insist that they can come to my list first. I do this to show my pure motives of “let’s build our businesses together.” But I do not do this unless I know they have a solid list of quality people. I am more concerned with quantity over quality. Which brings me to qualifier #3.

3: Quality over quantity. I look for someone who’s message I can get behind. I would rather someone with a list of 1000 people who respond, that 50,000 Instagram followers who are not engaged. I will give a prime example. Dream 100 failed me at CarrotCon. I would love to say that “I just didn’t do it right.” But that’s just not true. We did it by the book. But here’s what happened. When people saw I had Daymond John coming, many wanted to speak. We had about 10-13 speakers and the majority of them have followers. The deal was simple, we asked each one “how many people could you b bring” they would say “20-30 etc…” what happened? Well, what was suppose to be a 350-450 person even turned out to be 152 people! Most of them being my students. 

When prospecting after your future dream 100, I highly recommend looking at the person and ask yourself this:

Do they take short cuts? If so they are likely faking most of their followers. 

Are they playing the long game or the short game? 

Engagement. When they post does their audience care about what they are saying. 

My Goal

My goal is not to discourage you from reaching for the stars. But it is about diversifying the risk of your relationship portfolio. If you view your Dream 100 list like a stock portfolio, than you want to manage the risks by placing some safe options in it. You can actually manage the relationships of your Future Dream 100 in Lead Carrot! Stay tuned for more content on how to build your list and nurture relationships with Lead Carrot! 

– Ross Christifulli

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