Lead Carrot Offers Reply Detection

SMS Sequences Are Great, But What If They Reply Why You Are Busy?

Our data shows us that “humanizing” your SMS follow up’s increases lead response rate drastically.

But what happens if someone replies to a message and you are away? 

We recently solved this issue at Lead Carrot. But first let’s put some context to it. 

Imagine that it is a Saturday night and you are having a glass of wine with your wife when a lead comes in. Lead Carrot fires of your SMS that says “Hey is this first name?” and they reply “Yes who is this?” 

Lead Carrot sends the next message that says “Sorry, this is Ross from Lead Carrot….would you like to setup a demo?” 

And they reply “That sounds great, let’s setup a call.”

This is all happening while you are going for your second round of cheese and crackers. 

But what happens if the weekend get’s the best of you and you do not log in? 

Because up till now everything has felt very human, but if they start getting messages saying “Just circling back…” they will quickly realize this was an automation and could possibly break trust. 

Well, not anymore… Here is why.

We now offer reply detection…

And it is so easy to setup! 

There are other software’s that offer this, but you have to mess around with: tags, triggers, rules, yuck!

With Lead Carrot all you have to do it turn on reply detection with the toggle, and choose with deal stage to move them into when someone replies.


When they reply it will remove them from the current sequence and you will be ready to rock n’ roll without any irrelevant and embarrassing automation’s!

If you currently are a Lead Carrot user, simply log out and log back in to receive this update. 

This is only the beginning for our Pipeline automation’s! 

Keep an eye out for what’s to come.

If you are not a Lead Carrot user yet, you get started today by clicking the link below!

-Ross Christifulli

Co-Founder Of Lead Carrt

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