Now You Can Get Warm Inbound Leads From Lead Carrot!

About The Program

Often times users of Lead Carrot want to supplement their cold leads with warm inbound leads, unfortunately in the past we were not structured to do this in a scaling fashion… Until now. 

We are officially releasing a beta program for Lead Generation Agencies ONLY. 

In the future we will open this up to other verticals, but for the sake of scalability we are initially limiting the options.

If your agency services the following verticals than you would be a fit for the Pay-Per-Lead program:  

Loan Officers



Home Improvement Contractors





How it works…

In order to participate in the program you must have an active Lead Carrot account. We run Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, & YouTube Ads and generate leads. 

These are not appointments, but they are business owners reaching out looking for Leads. 

These leads are exclusive for you only. 

We drop them into your Lead Carrot Pipeline and allow the initial SMS to be sent.

Your job is to respond to the leads, and follow up via phone to set an official appointment. 

We only replace Leads if:

– The information is not valid

– The person was confused and filled out a form (For instance, if we are running ads to a chiropractor and someone fills out a form looking for a Chiropractor.)

We charge a flat rate of $37/lead and you are billed at the time the lead hits your pipeline.


Is there a minimum order I must agree to?

To cover the cost of campaign setup you must agree to at least 15 leads over a 30 day period. This totals $555.

What is the average close rate?

A good closer will be able to typically close 12-15% of the leads. This means if you acquire 15 leads, assuming you do not suck at closing, you will get 1-3 deals.

How do you bill me?

As an active Lead Carrot user you have a card on file. This card will be billed $37 within 1 hour of lead hitting your pipeline.

Do you have any case studies?

Yeah. My agency lol. 

You can also view testimonials of students using these methods on my YouTube channel.

What’s Next?

If you are already a Lead Carrot user, all you need to do to get started is login and request an agreement to be sent to you from the support chat. 

If you are not already a user you can visit and sign up today!

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