Lead Carrot Vs. Lead Scrape

Today we get into the ring with a worthy competitor… Lead Scrape. 

Although Lead Carrot is much more than just a “data” scraper. Meaning, we have a full CRM with 2-Way SMS included. 

We tend to find that most users initially came to us for leads, then they fell in love with our other features. 

So let’s get into it. 

As i’m about to test out this solution the first thing im prompted to do it download it to my computer. I’m asking myself “why?” lol. This stuff should be 100% cloud based in this day and age. I want to use it on all computers, all my staffs computers, my ipad, my VA’s. 

But… let’s get into it. 

Lead Scrape has a compelling offer for just $199 you can scrape leads all year long! 

But, there is a catch. Aside from limited license and not being able to use it across multiple devices, I will explain it right here. 

There is an old saying that goes like this “time is money.” And in the case of Lead Scrape it’s a lot of money. 

As I do with any review, I really test things out before just hammering out biased opinions that seem to fit my own agenda. 

Here’s the skinny

On average it takes me 45 minutes to get a detailed search done in a single city. I made a search for “Restaurant” in Miami & as of now I made the search 30 minutes ago and it is about 1/5 of the way through the scraping process. At this rate it will take about an hour or longer to make a single search. 

Why is this the case? Well… It come’s down to “you get what you pay for.” 

When you are using a scraper most companies will rotate proxies so that you do not burn your own IP address. Keeping you safe while scraping. And while we have confirmed through contact that Lead Scrape does as well, the quality of their proxies comes into question as well as their “que” system. 

We spend a hefty sum on quality proxies at Lead Carrot to ensure that we are providing our users with the best experience possible. And this is why we could never even survive off of a $197 one time fee. 

For my personal agency, we wouldn’t be able to make this slow scraping process work. This goes back to our bulk search argument with D7 Lead Finder that waiting hours for data is just not acceptable in 2020. 

At this rate I would never have the time to make more than 1-2 searches a day on Lead Scrape. This explains why it’s only $197/year. 

Now, Let’s Look At Lead Carrot

Lead Carrot requires ZERO local installation as it is 100% cloud based, which allows us to integrate with other software such as Zapier, Twilio, Etc. 

It also pulls back most results in under 2 minutes. This is significantly quicker than the 45 minutes I have been waiting on my Miami list. 

Pulling back just as enriching data. 

So how do we do it? 

Well, we use high quality dedicated proxies and our system is built in the cloud not installed on your PC. So their is less communication needed

Great, you’re faster… But is that worth $169 more per year?

Well that depends on you. Let me explain, every year my wife and I take our children to Disney a few times. When we get to the parking entrance we always pay the $45 for VIP parking. As we get near the entrance we get free bottles of water. If you walk into the park and buy that water its like $6 per bottle. And we get 4 of them. That’s $24 of value right there. 

And then on our way out of the park… Real late at night we are exhausted pushing strollers etc. In that moment the last thing I feel like doing is breaking down a stroller, getting on a tram and then putting it all back together as we walk through Pluto 8 pushing the alarm on our key chain trying to find the car. 

Ok, I vented for a moment. But my point is this, when you go with a premium option you get a premium experience. Less waiting, more options, better support. 

As you can see we offer much more than just a list builder. With our platform you can push all leads into the appropriate pipeline. You can setup automation’s for your inbound campaigns, manage sale people, track sales, manage tasks and activities… All for only $14 more per month. 

So my question would be, what type of person are you? The kind who likes to upgrade or the kind who settles for Pluto 8? 

There is nothing wrong with Pluto 8, but it’s just nothing like Mickey 1 lol. In business timing and convenience is far more valuable then you can put a number on.

Your website says $47/mo that’s more than $14/mo?

Well, in this article we are comparing annual packages to packages! Our annual package is only $366 for the year. But by breaking it down into what that is actually costing you monthly you can see it is only a $14 difference. All in all, if you do not care about speed and you just want the cheapest option on the market than by all means Lead Scrape is a viable option. 

But if you are like me… Impatient, likes a great experience, and need a vehicle to hold all my data. Lead Carrot easily rises to the top with superior speed, features, and live chat support. 

If you have any questions about Lead Carrot you can click the support tab on this page and ask us! We are right on the other side waiting to help. 

You can also click the button below to setup your Lead Carrot account today!


Ross Christifulli

CEO of Lead Carrot

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