Is Marketing Changing? Did Facebook Ads Stop Working?

In a world of data scandals and third-party bans, there is no shortage of “marketing doomsday” articles to choose from. One of the best tactics to gain attention is FEAR! Even if that means writing an article against people who use fear or pain in their marketing.

In this short article, I will skim the surface as to what is really happening in the world of marketing. As the owner of a massive agency we have a greater perspective than the kids managing 500k or less of ad spend per month. AKA misinformed bloggers.

I will do a deeper dive later on when my time allows.

My hopes in this article are to lay your fears to rest and show you what you can be doing now to always stay relevant.

First, I would like to discuss what does and does not change. To illustrate this best… I want you to think about a Master chess player. He learns strategies and crafts his skill’s around these. He then develops many different tactics to accomplish these strategies. For example, he may start the game by gain control over the center of the board. He can do this through unlimited tactics and moves.

But what would happen if he kept using the same tactic and the same move every single time against the same opponents? They would eventually become immune to any tactics.

Marketing is much like the game of chess. Whether you want to admit it or not it is about manipulation. Anyone who denies this is sorely mistaken and living in a world of Candyland and Shoots and Ladders. Does this make marketing evil? To manipulate? Not at all. Yes, it can be used for evil but that has nothing to do with marketing. That has to do with the person behind the marketing.

(Quick Rant)
Russell Brunson (CEO of Clickfunnels) say’s one of the greatest things we can do to serve our customers is to sell them something. I wholeheartedly agree that when we sell something to someone that they needed we can change their life. And if I know my product can change someone’s life it is my duty to sell it to them.

(Back on topic) With that said the tactics of marketing will always change over and over. But the strategies will not. The reason is not based on my opinion, they are based on science. The brain processes marketing in 3 stages:

1: The reptilian brain
2: The Mammal (or emotional) brain
3: The Neo-Cortex

These stages of the brain have to be triggered for a sale to take place. This is the overall strategy. The reptilian brain is triggered by pain, curiosity, shock, celebrity etc…

It is the reason you will continue to see the National Inquirer in every grocery store aisle. The emotional brain is trigger through stories and future pacing (the act of a prospect envisioning them with our service or product.)

The Neo-Cortex is unique in that all we need to do is get the emotional brain to get permission from it.

High-level marketers understand that messaging is behind all of this. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn… They could all go away tomorrow and it wouldn’t matter.
But for argument sake let’s talk about Facebook Ads are they ineffective? My answer… Only for copy paste inexperienced digital marketer’s.

Using the strategies of psychology listed above, we generated thousands of leads every day using Facebook Ads. Facebook is in it’s prime. Facebook is where people are right now…

In the same way, a fisherman goes where the fish are… (yes FISH!)

We go where our clients are and use the right message or (bait) to draw them into our pool. Like a fish in a swamp, we can catch them and help them to come into our “blue ocean” where the water is just fine.

Facebook Ads are still working and crushing it for those of us who know how to run ads. Tactics get overused but strategies are still as strong as ever.

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-Ross Christifulli

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