How To Crush YouTube Ads For Local Business With Custom Audiences

In this article I am going to assume you already know how to setup a basic campaign on YouTube.

If not there are plenty of sources including an hour long excerpt in my training found here .

So let;s get right into it… Our agency is finding great success with the use of “Custom Affinity” and “Custom Intent” audiences. So first let me clarify what they are and what the difference between the two are. When running YouTube ads you can target using: Keywords, Placements, and Custom Audiences.

In the tool bar under “Audience Manager” you find that the two options under “Custom Audience.”

Think of the custom audiences as a “behavioral based targeting.” Much like a Facebook Lookalike audience Google will go find people that look like the ones you input here. But there is a unique ability here that Facebook does not have. You can upload your competitors URL and find people who look like the ones visiting your competitors sites. And often times it actually hits up the people who were on your competitors site.

For example: Let’s say you are a Chiropractor in Milwaukee. You can go to the Lead Carrot list builder and pull a list of Milwaukee Chiropractors. Copy all of the URL’s that it pulls and paste it into a free tool that separates the fields by a comma such as Delim. Then you upload it as a Custom Affinity or Custom Intent. The difference between the 2 is that a Custom Affinity is more broad. While Custom Intent is a more narrower targeting.

For local businesses we recommend Custom affinity due to naturally lower traffic. You can see what this should look like below.

Now all you have to do is save your audience and add it to a campaign. We are finding the ability to scale these kinds of campaigns on a local level are much easier to maintain a lower CPL.

We are also excited to find another extremely useful way to utilize Lead Carrot!

If you are an agency owner and have local clients…Add this to your arsenal to create a unique offering. If you are a local business looking for more clients, now you know how to feed off your competitors URLs.

I hope you learned something and feel free to share this article.

-Ross Christifulli

Co-Founder of Lead Carrot

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