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When I first started selling digital products online I did what most people do… I did a webinar dozens and dozens of times until I finally found my “perfect” webinar. I remember running out into the living room after collecting around 45k on a single live webinar and saying to my wife and saying “Dear I got it, I found my webinar.” But I was very disappointed when I started driving traffic to the webinar with paid ads. I could see people registering and watching the webinar… But very few were buying. 

So I put my salesmen hat on and started calling and texting the webinar viewers manually. I quickly discovered there were still a few remaining objections from people who didn’t know me. But the problem was they were all different objections!  We were closing sales like crazy… But the manual work was proving to be a daunting task. 

Lead Carrot is the solution to this problem. Lead Carrot allows you to bring the benefit of one-to-one sales to a webinar and it removes over 85% of the manual work that we were doing.

If you are running a webinar, selling eBooks, or any other online digital lead magnet… Look no further than Lead Carrot.

-Ross Christifulli Co-Found of Lead Carrot.

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Setting up your automations shouldn’t require a certification! We make it super easy to provide an unparalleled experience for your prospects on complete autopilot! If you can systemize it… We can.

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The perfect solution for the everyday start up entrepreneur!  




  • 3 Pipelines
  • SMS, Email, Voicemail Drop Automations
  • SMS, Email, Voicemail Drop Broadcast
  • 1 User
  • Dashboard/Analytics
  • Follow Up Reminders

For businesses with multiple front end offers, clients, team members…




  • Unlimited Pipelines
  • SMS, Email, Voicemail Drop Automations
  • SMS, Email, Voicemail Drop Broadcast
  • Unlimited Users
  • Team Chad
  • Dashboard Analytics
  • Follow Up Reminders

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