Creating A Beautiful Sales Experience For Your Prospecting

The only way to stand out as a sales person in 2020 is through crafting a beautiful experience for your prospects. But what does that really mean? The word “experience” has almost become a BUZZ word. 

In this article I will explain how we are crafting a beautiful experience for our agency clients in 2020. 

It all goes back to the book “Be our guest” which I read on a Disney vacation early in the year. 

My eye’s were opened that I have been relying to much on my personal sales abilities to grow my companies, but if I wanted to really take things to the next level, I needed to create a customer experience that was second to none. 

I essentially divided my prospecting process into the following 4 steps: Indoctrination, Education, Clarification, Validation. These steps fit in perfectly with the Neuroscience I have taught for so long. But what they allow me to do is create a process that anyone can follow, so they can create an experience that has people coming back. 

Walt Disney has a quote that say’s “Do what you do so well, that people will want to see it again and bring their friends.” 

How can you apply this to an agency? Well… Here is what I have discovered and how you can implement my four stages into your business. 


Creating a sense of Authority and Trust is huge. But the way people are doing it today is becoming so cliche, that it really doesn’t give them any authority or increase their trust. 

If I see another “Forbes” or “CNN” logo on a companies website, I just make burn my nipple on a toaster oven. 

I found that by reversing the indoctrination process, you achieve a much better outcome. 

For instance, instead of spending the first 10 minutes of a sales call indoctrinating them into my world… I spend the first 10-20 minutes indoctrinating myself into their world. 

This is giving me a massive upper hand, as I am learning much about them… But I am also increasing my authority because at some point after they have done enough bragging and building up, you can ask… So “what seems to be the problem? ”

They realize they are only on the phone with you because they have a problem, or some obstacle they need removed.

I then show my ability to solve their problem (and indoctrinate them into my world) by sharing stories that parallel their current situation.


This is where I really increase my authority and indoctrinate them into my beliefs. I feel the old model of “authority up front” is getting outdated. When you educate, you automatically increase authority because you have taken on the teacher role. 

For instance, this morning I was on a sales call with a guy who sells Dog Food supplements. His problem is that his current marketing team can not seem to get him a return on ad spend. They are running ads to a funnel, but they are not turning a profit. I explained to him that earlier in the year we had product that was very similar, we decided to shift the goal of the campaign and find a way to make it profitable. I explained how we decided to make the goal of the campaign to collect emails, and then setup an email campaign that drove people back to the website. 

That allowed us to turn a tiny profit on the funnel, but become very profitable from growing an email list of targeted enthusiast. I could here him having his AHA moment. 

When you can give a prospect an “AHA” moment, you have given them a great experience. 


So now they know the strategy and they are on board. But the question arises “how does this look for me?” 

Now you have the ability to layout the plan of action.

If you are like me, you typically have frameworks you work within. For instance, almost every single sales call I make comes back to: Leads, Nurture, Offers…

The products and services may change but every single business needs Leads, nurturing systems, and ways to create offers for their prospects at a very specific point in their journey. 

So all I need to do is ask them a few question and I can lay it out for them. But, the secret to getting these deals closed is changing. 

In some cases you have to hold back the “how.” But, if you can do what you are doing on the phone so well… That they want to see it again, well now you have a client. 

If you can provide a great experience on the phone, or zoom call, or coffee meeting, you will find that your prospect will not want to try doing it without you. Because they enjoy you and the experience your company is giving to much. 

Often times I hear people say “I have been on a lot of these calls, but I can tell your not just feeding me a line.” 

Recently I was helping a student on a call and I was positioned as his tech guy. But by the end of the call the prospect said “are you sure you’re not a sales guy?”

So what’s the final piece of the puzzle? 


We have hooked the prospect, we have brought them into an emotional state (limbic), we have given them clarity, but now we need to make this logical and validate the sale. 

So how do we do this? Simple. 

Our tonality and personality needs to get real “REAL” here. Not that we are not real the whole time. But often times my students say “Ross they want references what should I say?” 

Well, although it is rare that I get asked for references. I actually got asked today “do you have anyone I can talk to.” I could tell in his tonality he really didn’t care he just felt like that was a logical thing to say.

My response was this “If I were to share references with you, I would only share with you the best of the best, so I personally do not feel references are a good way to judge me and integrity. In reality, the thing you are trying to figure out right now is if you can trust me. So let me do this, write down my full name and go google it. That in addition to my written guarantee should suffice. 

If not, then I can get you into my communities and we could resume the conversation when you trust me.”

I’ll know how that went tomorrow, but by the end of the conversation he asked me to send the agreement. 

Had I been insecure about not offering a reference I would have been toast. Your tonality will give them validation more than anything! 

I do not give references in my agency because I feel it gives my current clients a bad experience. I do not want them to think or feel as if I am exploiting my relationship with them to acquiring new clients. 

I hope this article has got your brain ticking and shown you that you can provide an amazing experience even throughout a 1-1 sales experience. 

Lead Carrot set’s you up perfect for this as you can always see where your clients are in the process. With automation’s nothing will ever slip through the cracks. 

Ross Christifulli

CEO of Lead Carrot

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