Could You Be Cashing In On The Data Business?

In 2020 data is everything! Business’s today make massive decisions based on data, they run their prospecting on data, and data can quickly become the bottleneck of a company.

I remember meetings a guy about 2 years ago. To be honest i’m not even certain he was a guy because his Facebook profile was clearly not real and he went by the name FRED. Fred was in the data business and I became a customer. This was around the time that Facebook had not patched the ability to scrape groups and Fred was scraping like a banshee (on a side not my mother always used that term but I have no clue what it means.)

Anyways, oneday Fred asks me if I would like to buy a very large list of Chiropractors and I was intrigued. When I found out the list was $1200 I was even more intrigued! Why? Because Fred was selling a crap ton of lists and it was the same list.

I want you to think about this… He (or she) had a CSV file of Chiropractors that people were ranting and raving over and it was selling over, and over, and over again. Meanwhile, the only thing Fred was doing was sending the same ole list to people.

I ended up settling on a few lists, with Freds permission I began giving all my students access to these lists (this was pre-Lead Carrot days.) Now, you may be thinking “wow, I bet that list got burnt out quick.” And I would have thought the same… But then we would both have been wrong.

Every student who used the list (hundreds of people) got different results. I had one student tell me that once they got to the bottom of the list, they just kept working the same list and started back at the top. I was a little puzzled but started digging into why the results varied everytime and here is what I have concluded:


If you email or call a Doctor, LO, Real Estate Agent, or whoever… During a busy day or stressful day they may be more or less willing to listen. As a prospects pain points change, so does the outcome of the outreach. Hence, the gold is in the follow up.

2: Delivery Changes

Everyone has a different message, tonality, and likability. This will 100% effect the outcome of prospecting. Think of it like a stand up comedian. One comedian could get up and deliver an amazing bit, and another could get up to deliver the same bit and bomb. Script delivery is everything!

3: Gate keepers change

Get keepers are always changing! Therefore, one person could reject you today and another could pass you through tomorrow! You can never conclude that someone should be written off because a gatekeeper was doing her job.

So what’s the point of me blabbering about all this? Well, I want you to understand how truly ethical it is to sell the same list over and over again. And I want you to open your eyes to the possibility of starting your own data business.

“Ross who would buy data from me for thousands of dollars when they can get it on Lead Carrot for $47/mo”

The answer? Alot of people. We sell multiple list on to people who do not feel like manually pulling data or people who do not have the slightest idea of where to begin.

Knowledge and resources are everything and if you leverage the right audience you will prosper. For instance, imagine pulling a list of 5000 businesses in a very specific small town and selling it to other local business? For example, I grew up in West Bend, WI. Only about 30,000 people.

I decided one day to build a list of every small business in the city and sell it to local businesses that would benefit from this list.

Internet marketers live in a very skewed world because we have learned many “ninja” tricks that to the common world seems like VUDU. To us these things are just normal day to day resources.

Could you be leveraging a list right now?

Here is a way to find out… Make a post that says “Who here would be interested in a list of 10,000 (Insert Niche)? Type “#Iwantthelist” below and ill send you details.

The trick to closing deals quick is to have the list already to go… You can also build custom lists.

So where do you get the data? Easy… Lead Carrot. Just make a list of major cities that you know have ton’s of businesses and do a few searches and export data until you have enough.

Side trick, run them through Neverbounce so you can tell people you “Scrubbed the list” and charge a premium.

Soon this will be a built in feature of Lead Carrot.

I hop this has opened your eyes to the possibilities of starting your very own data business. If you are not already on Lead Carrot sign up today while unlimited searches are still available by clicking here

-Ross Christifull (Co-founder of Lead Carrot)

PS. You can also become an affiliate now for Lead Carrot by visiting the link in the footer!

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