The last 5 years has been filled with up’s and down’s for agency owners. We have seen value propositions go from being basic such as “We will make 3 post a week, 1 email a week, and write a blog post weekly.” To simple opt in email funnels. To live transfer services. And now what? […]

Which Has More “Bang” For The Buck? One of the most common questions we get asked in our support tab is “what is the difference between Lead Carrot and D7 Leader Finder?” No doubt, they have been in the data game longer than many, and grew via “word of mouth” for years as agency influencers […]

Usually I like to take it easy on a company in the beginning of my battle articles, give them props & building them up so I can then spend the next 5 minutes ripping them a new one. But Lead Kahuna has so many red flags that I have to just go right into it.  […]

This week we dropped a massive announcement to fellow agency owners. We found that hundreds if not thousands of our users were primarily utilizing our software strictly for scraping.  In fact, the majority of our users we currently utilizing GoHighLevel CRM for managing their day to day business.  With that said, we decided to make […]