Are You One Course Away From Being Replaced?

Warning: Reading this article may agitate you and make you feel like a pathetic commodity. 

“If you have ever taken a Facebook Ads course then you may have learned to write ads like this… “Hey guy’s i’m doing something crazy to promote my office” – Austin Whitaker’s opening lines at Lead Carrots Milwaukee Mastermind

While the audience laughed, I couldn’t help but to agree that his statement was shockingly true.

The majority of agency owners are not creative, inventors, testers… They are simply COPY and PASTE.

In fact I spoke to a Chiropractor who said “If you are going to come in here with some (Insert Gurus Name) campaigns I have no interest.”

With that said I have a personal question for you. If your client took a $997 course would they need you? Now this is hypothetical because it wouldn’t matter for smart clients. They focus on the who and not the how. But my point is, what do you really bring to the table?

“It’s my why that makes me different.” – They said

Take your why and put it in your underwear drawer, because at the end of the day their is only one thing that separate’s the strong from the weak. RESULTS.

But what kind of results? SALES. Leads do not equal sales. But marketers do not understand this. So I want to put this into terms that you can understand.

Let’s say I launch a webinar and have 20 people register. Those are 20 leads. But what is going to turn them into sales? Well, yes if they sales person sucks your crap out of luck. But the majority of webinar conversions come from retargeting and follow up. This takes skill in Ad Copy, Timing Skills, Sequences ETC.

Do you bring all of that to the table? Or just leads?

When you generate a lead for a client, they have only opted into the funnel. Nurturing is where the profits are made.

So now here’s where most marketers go and create a few weeks worth of follow up emails and call it a day. That is not nurturing that is your way of ending up in the SPAM box.

Go learn copy. Reach out to Gabe Arnold or Dana Derricks. Learn how to truly convert contacts to cash.

The day you can do that, the day you will not be replaced by a course or the next cheapest marketer.


-Ross Christifulli

Co-Founder Of Lead Carrot

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