3 Underrated Way’s To Get Your Leads To Respond

We’ve all been there! Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads for ourselves or our clients. We feel like bugs bunny on the moon as we see leads rolling in through the ads manager. 

Whether they are for you or your client, there is always that moment when reality hits… They are not responding. Maybe a few here and there, but not at the 60% rate you expected.

You no need to either save your self, or your client. Here is how.


#1 Auto-Text Your Leads

It’s likely that if your leads filled out your form online, they tend to fill out many forms!

Unfortunately, email is getting a lower and lower response rate & phone calls blend in with telemarketers. 

This is not to say that you shouldn’t be taking advantage of those avenues. But the fact remains SMS can really cut through the noise.

You do need to make sure they have opted in, and if you are in California abide by the new laws in that state.

If you are doing business with Europe make sure everything is GDPR compliant. But do not let those fears stop you from texting. You will on average see a 47% increase in Lead response. But what should you say? 

#2 What Script Get’s A Response

I’ve split test so many things! And nothing get’s a better response than “Hey, is this FIRST NAME?” 

It really triggers their Amygdala and makes them wonder “well who is this?” 

The point is to start a conversation, we do not leave them hanging! After their response we quickly tell them who we are. But by getting them to acknowledge that they are “FIRST NAME” it removes their ability to pretend it was not them who filled out the form. 

The only time this doesn’t work well is if the business owner sucks at conversing with people. Often times we see people just go “Hey, this is ______ from _____ if you haven’t already please schedule your call.” 

The human touch will do wonders! We recommend dedicating someone to conversations via sms between you and your prospects. This can also be done for your clients via remote assistants. This may feel awkward, but just try it youll be amazed. 

#3 “Contact Attempt”

This sounds very silly, but creating a deal stage called “Contact Attempt” will actually increase your response. Here is why! 

Often times pipelines are setup like this “Lead In > Contact Made.” But what happens is the “Lead In” column get’s overwhelmed with leads and the sales people tend to not follow up on new leads quick enough. 

Also, when you have an entire column dedicated to people you have not gotten a hold of yet, you tend to keep trying. 

Make sure you notate the day and time you called them, then be sure to try a different day and time next outreach attempt. 

We recommend at least 12-15 touch points per lead! 

How To Implement This Today!

Adding new technology to your setup can be overwhelming. But it does not need to be! Lead Carrot actually brings everything under one hood. 

In fact, all the screen shots you have seen in this article are taken from our platform. 

Take a look at our home page to see how Lead Carrot can transform your business today!


– Ross Christifulli

CEO of Lead Carrot

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