Lead Kahuna Vs. Lead Carrot (Must Read)

Usually I like to take it easy on a company in the beginning of my battle articles, give them props & building them up so I can then spend the next 5 minutes ripping them a new one. But Lead Kahuna has so many red flags that I have to just go right into it. 

This was actually a requested article, otherwise I may have left this one out.

If you are a Lead Kahuna user, i’m sorry. If you are thinking about becoming a Lead Kahuna user… Keep reading. 

For me the red flag came when I really couldn’t get much information on their website about the software. It was a ton of buzz words just leading me to a webinar. 

BTW, Lead Kahuna… If you are reading this most of the buttons to register for your webinar do not work. 

After skipping the over the hour and a half long webinar to see the offer I stumbled upon the image to the right. 

I had to go back and listen to that portion of the webinar, and what I heard baffled me. 

Yes, even companies like D7 and Lead Scrape had not gone this far. 

Let’s get into it.

For those of you who do not know what proxies are, they are essentially IP addresses that you can use to stay under the radar so companies like google to not black list your personal computers IP address. 

But I let John from Lead Kahuna explain “If you just do one to two searches a day you should be fine. But if you want to do more you will need proxies, otherwise Google will recognize that this is not human behavior and your IP could be at risk.” 

So …. He basically said “If you use my product more than twice a day without buying proxies you will be screwed.” 

This alone would be a deal breaker for me. 

Many scrapers today especially Lead Carrot operate cloud based. The company doing the scraping manages proxies and your computers IP never even becomes apart of the equation. 

In most cases I would say “Well, this is just an example of YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.” But in this case it’s not! Lead Kahuna is charging $299/per year. That’s only $67 less than Lead Carrot. Except where you buy Lead Carrot you also get way more features and we manage all the proxies for you… 

Yes, they have some “fluff bonuses” with bogus self valued prices. But in reality you are getting a scraper that doesn’t even have it’s own proxies. 

I promise you… Nothing here is worth $6500 per year lol! It’s almost insulting to our intelligence. Ok let’s look at Lead Carrot.

The Scraper Of All Scrapers

Lead Carrot is 100% cloud based and flat rate pricing. This means you never pay more than your subscription. Lead Kahuna really can’t make that same claim because you will be paying for proxies all year long. 

We pull just as many (if not more) data points. And our data comes back almost instantly. 

Our platform also has a much sexier design. We feel prospecting should be exciting, and logging into a Windows 98 experience just doesn’t cut it in 2021. 

There is no comparison. We believe that it is unacceptable to make people go learn how to buy proxies and upload them into a platform. Today, people just want to login and use the solution. 

When you factor in that we include all proxy management and have way more features. Ill ring the bell myself on this one. In most articles I will admit when someone is a worthy opponent, unfortunately I could not do the same here. To learn more about Lead Carrot you can click our logo above and visit our home page. We will not make you sit through an hour and a half webinar to see our pricing, and you can talk to a staff member at any moment in the chat on the left!

Ross Christifulli

CEO of Lead Carrot

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