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When you feel like you’ve hit a wall…

Over the last year and a half I have come to realize/accept that I am usually someones last resort.

But why? Why wait until you are literally 1 week away from filling out applications? Because its human nature. If I give you until Friday to build a presentation, you will have it done on Friday. It’s a little word we call “Procrastination.”

Cold calling, emailing, voicemail drops… They just never sound as fun as sitting around while clients pour in through you funnel paying you millions. But the fact is… Those methods are only working for those who are putting in full time hours.

So what does this have to do with a wall?

The way you break through barriers is consistency. It’s not about doing 100 cold calls for a few days in a row and burning out… It’s about 25 cold calls a day. Something that is realistic and reasonable for you.

Put your pride on the shelf… use the Scripts and make it happen. You will be amazed at what happens for you.

-Ross Christifulli

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